martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

♂ & ♀

Are differences between man and women? Of course they are. I am a woman and I know that this it's true, since we are babies: the girl wears pink, the boy wears blue. But, in general, the problem is bigger than the color we use, it's a cultural problem. That is really sick!. If we think that the difference is the body, I really think that all of us have different bodies, I mean, between women and between men, so, that it's not enough. I think that we all are persons and we must have, as a man or as a woman, the same opportunities to develop as we believe is right. For now, in our country, this is becoming true: every day we can see more men cooking and cleaning his house, and also, women are doing man's work in politics, economics and even in tasks as building. It’s time to open our eyes and accept this new reality: woman doesn’t stay at home and man is not alone in bringing money to the house. The important it’s know that we are people, and we need to complement each other to make of this a new better world, with pink and blue.

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