lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

blogs in the English Class

Hello! Today I will write about my experience writing blogs in my English class. I must say that in the beginning I wasn’t very happy with the idea, because in the English level I cursed before this, the teacher made us write and he check one and then nothing, so I felt that I worked a lot for very little retributions, because I never knew when it was bad.

My new experience with blogs in this level is very different, because the topics are open and free, also, there are about normal situations of life, so it’s not difficult to write about them. In other side, in the last level, I HAD to do it in classes, and sometimes, with no-inspiration, it’s very difficult write 200 words (and this is more difficult when there are 8:30 am).

That’s why I can say writing blogs is very funny, and comment the other blogs from my classmates too, and it is a new way to know them.

I enjoy work on the appearance of my blog, trying different colors, and also enjoy write about places, journeys, my favorite activities and explain my likes and the things I disagree.

I disliked writing about my Christmas dinner, because I didn’t remember what I eat, I try very hard to remember every element on the table that day! Also, I didn’t like writing about the Chinese horoscope, because I don’t believe in it, but at least it was funny.

I think all my classmates write about interesting things, and I like that each one could say their own opinions and visions about the different topics.

So at the end, I can say that the English blogs are very useful to practice our expression in this language, it’s easy and friendly, helps you to know about some topics that you didn’t knew, and also you can practice all the grammatical tools you learnt before.

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Vladimir Kush and my favorite paintings

I'm not a big fan of this kind of art, but I remember that when I was in school, I had to make a work about different kinds of paint and I found Vladimir Kush, who is a painter and sculptor from Moscow, Russia. He represents in his art the surrealism. He always tries to give his own expression about situations from present and past, and he uses beautiful colors and exciting combinations. I really admire the way he can relate elements from opposite worlds. One of my favorite paintings from Vladimir Kush is “Departure of Winged Ship”, and I will show you this here:

I like it because I love the way that de painter can replace a totally material thing for something natural, real, and also it’s the reason why that exists, I mean, the sail is made thinking in the way that some animals or insects can fly. In other side, I like the shape of the clouds and how butterflies can be present in a lot of normal situations; it makes you feel so free. Also, the paint shows some people trying to be seen from the ship, with arrows, very happy and excited, so it makes me think that the impact from a mega-structure like a ship whit that size in people who don’t know it, could be less with that kind of sails, like in the conquest of America five hundred years ago.

This painter has a lot of other paints that I like, for example Chess, which shows the vision of Kush about how the powerful people make their decisions, like in a play of chess, the kings (in chess and reality) in one side saying what you have to do, and  their pawns, fighting for them. It’s reality in the board, did you notice that?

lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

santiago of Chile :)

Santiago is big city; sometimes it’s very big for me. 

In one side, I like Santiago, because it has all the things that a person could need: medical centers with a lot of specialties (I’ve known people from other countries that had come to Chile for treatments), you can find a job easily, you can get education public or private, that depends of you (the topic of what is better is not for this discussion), also, you can visit parks, museums, cinemas, churches,  and there are a lot of stores to buy anything you want, etc. The big problem, in one side is Transantiago, I really think that walking is a good option if the other choice is wait for a bus, because you will wait more time than the time you will spend waling to the place you need (if it is close, of course), and the other thing are the differences between one place or another, for example, Las Condes and Pudahuel, the first one is always clean, with a lot of trees, grass and flowers in the streets, people who lives or works here is very kind and always have a lot of opportunities in topics like culture. In the other side, represented by Pudahuel, is the opposite. I also think that a little bit less of cement and a little bit of extra green areas can make of Santiago a more beautiful city. I think that if the things have a good distribution the city would be better and people also could be happier. 

Anyway it’s a beautiful city and I would tell to a visitor that don’t use Transantiago and walk for Parque Forestal and drink a delicious coffee at Barrio Lastarria and enjoy a peaceful place in this big city. 

I’m sure that there are more things to say about Santiago, but that it’s for another post. Bye bye!

correction of maría cristina

Christmas Day from María Cristina

I had a very hard christmas day, so hard in deed. First, I had to work, but only a few hours, so I woke up early and started my activities at morning. At noon, I had lunch with my parents because later, I could not dine with them. We used the lunch to give holiday gifts, it was different and I think it was not a bad experience.
Around quarter past four, my boyfriend called me, and reminded me that we had another commitment, I have to say that I hated him at that time because I was with my parents, you know? I see my parents for only short moments on week and on christmas I can not stay with them a few minutes more? What does this mean? What are you talking about? And when I was about to say something nasty to my boyfriend, my sanity and peace of Buda, Alá, Jesus and Khrisna entered in my body and I remembered the Christmas spirit and all the teachings of my primary school at a Christian school, and I stopped, breathed and said, "ok my love".
Robert (my boyfriend), came to pick me at 5pm, we had to go to the home of his grandparents, because they celebrated there with the whole family, and I promised him that this year I will be with him on Christmas.
Really, It was fun experience. What a great time with them!, they are a great family, very funny and friendly, I hope that in future years our Christmases are just as fun, although it would be more fun if my parents joined us.

Mmmm... so, nothing, nice day!

I think María Cristina had some little details in her post, but very little, and I really like her story about Christmas!

the Goat

I’m not a big fan of any kind of horoscope, however, I think that read about it is very interesting.

According to the Chinese horoscope, I am a Goat, because I was born in October 1991, and as the internet page describes me I notice similarities and differences. About the personality, it is true that I have a lot of creativity and I think that intelligence too, but I am not very dependable or calmness, actually I am very neurotic and explosive the most part of time. It’s also true that I enjoy to be in group but I prefer to walk in quite places with very few people and I usually have an idea on my mind for a lot of time. I love artistic things, in fact, I’m a dancer and I really enjoy to make things with my body. I like to have a good a appearance but it’s not the most important in my life, just the necessary. But the topic with less coincidence is healthy, I don’t have good health! And that not depends of my changes of mood! I’m allergic, asthmatic, and others! But it’s true that I have a few close friends, but they are the best, sometimes is better quality than quantity. Also, it’s true that I don’t like to be a leader, because I don’t like to passed over the people with I’m working, I do it only if it is necessary. As a Metal Goat the thing is very similar. I think that things like this horoscope make me feel like all the other people who were born in the same year I was born, but it’s fun to read it anyway!

lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

santa claus is coming to town!

I like the version of Frank Sinatra, but I just find this other version, with Cindy Lauper, and I want to listen to it but I can't because internet is very slow jajaaj, I supossed it is a good version

this is the url

my Christmas night

Hello! I’ll talk about my Christmas night. Every year I spent this holiday with my family and this year there wasn’t an exception, so with my mom, dad, brother, grandma and sister in law had a delicious dinner in my house. We eat turkey and potatoes and some sauces of mushroom and olive. Also, we had some salads like palm heart with lettuce, carrot with peanuts and tomatoes. But before the dinner, we drank a toast for our family and our grandfather who died the past year. That was with punch, with my own grandfather recipe, and this is a tradition in my family for every date we have to celebrate. After that, my dad opened a bottle of wine to drink with the dinner (all the people in my house, except my brother, drank wine with an important dinner, like a birthday so we did it for Christmas too). After the supper, we eat some ice cream with chocolates and then my father, my brother and I went out in the car. That’s another tradition, wait for Santa coming to my home (jajajajaja!) and when we arrived home, we opened our presents, we said thank you to everyone of us, and that was all for me, because I was very tired and I went to bed :P It was a beautiful night anyway!