martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

the best mixture: a memorable journey!

There are a lot of activities that I really like to do: my favorite is dancing, but the next one could perfectly be travelling, in Chile or out, that it’s not important, but it’s very difficult decide which is the most important, because everyone has been special in their own ways. So I decide to choose a journey to Valdivia the last year, with my classmates in Geography. I remember that at first I wasn’t on the list, because I had problems with a subject, but in the end, the teacher said there was no problem, and the reason was that the purpose of this trip was the World and National Congress of Geography. So, on a Monday, after a class that finished at 18:15 pm, I and other 18 classmates run to our homes to get our luggage, because our tickets were for three hours later. We arrived to Valdivia about 9 in the morning, and we had to walk in the rain in the streets of that beautiful city, it was very cold, but the sun appeared between the clouds for a while, and then, cloudy again. So, we went to the Austral University of Chile, in a place called Teja Island, we arrived there after we crossed the Calle Calle River. In the place, we inscribed and we received our credentials, and then, we looked for a place to sleep. We found a nice camping and some hours later we were at the conference again. It is important because it was a very beautiful experience spend time with my classmates for five days  and have a lot of fun with them, we sing, we dance, we cook, and the last day we visited Niebla, some beaches  and the bus that we took wasn't working good, so we had to push it (that was very funny), after that we bought some presents for our families and we drank delicious beer at Kunstmann factory. We learned and we had fun… This is the best mixture for a student, isn’t it?

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  1. Hi! I like Valdivia, is very beautiful! also to travel with friends is very fun!

  2. oh, I remember this travel, it was a beautiful experience, also we have fun very much!

    see you soon,

  3. Hi Mane!!
    Valdivia is the best, really amazing.
    Is good to travell with friends, the memories are unbelievable!

  4. I will never forgive me because i didn't go to Valdivia with you! jajaja.

    Ps: I love kunstsmann beer!

  5. I have never the chance to travel to Valdivia (in fact, south of Chile), but i always have heard about his beauty. And, as you said, a good mixture. See you later