martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

one on one with Gabriel García Márquez

Hi there! Today I will talk about Gabriel García Márquez, my absolute favorite writer. As I say before, he is a writer, novelist, storyteller, scriptwriter and journalist from Colombia, born on March 6 from 1927. García Márquez is famous all over the world as one of the most important writers from Latinoamerica, especially because he won the Nobel Prize of Poetry in 1982, principally because his book “Cien Años de Soledad”. This, also, is the most representative work about Magical Realism, a genre developed in Latinoamerica since 1947, and read a beautiful speech about the situation here in that time, expressing, also, his political thoughts.

 For me, this writer is the best writer ever seen!. I love read his books and imagine in my mind all the things he says in his stories and obviously the way he write them, and makes me feel happy that an artist like him had the opportunity to express and put the Latinoamerican literature in a special place in the world. I think that is very difficult choose only 3 questions; actually, I would like to talk him free, for hours and days! But a supposed that the first questions could be:

What were you thinking when you wrote “100 Años de Soledad”?
How did you get the names of characters and places?
What do you think about the actual situation of Latinoamerica?
Would you write a novel about the student’s demonstrations in Chile?

That's all folks!

3 comentarios:

  1. I remember when i read by first time "Cien años de Soledad". Generally, the school books was very boring, but, in that case, i feel an intense story, that i never forget until today. Magical realism is amazing.

  2. Are good the books of García Márquez, but sincerely I prefer Isabel Allende. But in tastes nothing is written!

    Kisses mane, see you!

  3. maneeeeeee!!!!!!!! xD just like carla I prefer Isabell Allende, but "cien años de soledad" is a good story...
    see you're well!