lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

run away!

I like outdoors activities because I love enjoy nature and the wind, rain, sun, etc. When I was a little girl I used to ride bike in a park near to my home. I visited it with my friends and sometimes with my dad, he enjoy riding bike as me. But now, I really enjoy running in parks and paths! I like it because it’s very easy to do; you just need a comfortable outfit and good trainers. Obviously, there are clothes specially made for this activity, but I think that is not really necessary. I love running because it’s so simple, it’s just about you and how you can resist more and more every time. I started to do it just a couple months ago, and in the beginning I was a disaster, I run about 200mt and then I was tired, and my legs after that were totally hurt, but I try to forget that pain and after two days I run again and it wasn’t too much painful. Now, I run about 3 times for week and I can resist about 5km and I really hope to improve that mark and get  10km, that my goal for now J

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