lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

blogs in the English Class

Hello! Today I will write about my experience writing blogs in my English class. I must say that in the beginning I wasn’t very happy with the idea, because in the English level I cursed before this, the teacher made us write and he check one and then nothing, so I felt that I worked a lot for very little retributions, because I never knew when it was bad.

My new experience with blogs in this level is very different, because the topics are open and free, also, there are about normal situations of life, so it’s not difficult to write about them. In other side, in the last level, I HAD to do it in classes, and sometimes, with no-inspiration, it’s very difficult write 200 words (and this is more difficult when there are 8:30 am).

That’s why I can say writing blogs is very funny, and comment the other blogs from my classmates too, and it is a new way to know them.

I enjoy work on the appearance of my blog, trying different colors, and also enjoy write about places, journeys, my favorite activities and explain my likes and the things I disagree.

I disliked writing about my Christmas dinner, because I didn’t remember what I eat, I try very hard to remember every element on the table that day! Also, I didn’t like writing about the Chinese horoscope, because I don’t believe in it, but at least it was funny.

I think all my classmates write about interesting things, and I like that each one could say their own opinions and visions about the different topics.

So at the end, I can say that the English blogs are very useful to practice our expression in this language, it’s easy and friendly, helps you to know about some topics that you didn’t knew, and also you can practice all the grammatical tools you learnt before.

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  1. I think the same as you. blog have been a tool very useful for us.
    regards mane! :)

  2. Maneeeeeee!!! xD
    I think...We all think the same! jajajaj
    See you Monday!!! C: