lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

the Goat

I’m not a big fan of any kind of horoscope, however, I think that read about it is very interesting.

According to the Chinese horoscope, I am a Goat, because I was born in October 1991, and as the internet page describes me I notice similarities and differences. About the personality, it is true that I have a lot of creativity and I think that intelligence too, but I am not very dependable or calmness, actually I am very neurotic and explosive the most part of time. It’s also true that I enjoy to be in group but I prefer to walk in quite places with very few people and I usually have an idea on my mind for a lot of time. I love artistic things, in fact, I’m a dancer and I really enjoy to make things with my body. I like to have a good a appearance but it’s not the most important in my life, just the necessary. But the topic with less coincidence is healthy, I don’t have good health! And that not depends of my changes of mood! I’m allergic, asthmatic, and others! But it’s true that I have a few close friends, but they are the best, sometimes is better quality than quantity. Also, it’s true that I don’t like to be a leader, because I don’t like to passed over the people with I’m working, I do it only if it is necessary. As a Metal Goat the thing is very similar. I think that things like this horoscope make me feel like all the other people who were born in the same year I was born, but it’s fun to read it anyway!

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