lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

santiago of Chile :)

Santiago is big city; sometimes it’s very big for me. 

In one side, I like Santiago, because it has all the things that a person could need: medical centers with a lot of specialties (I’ve known people from other countries that had come to Chile for treatments), you can find a job easily, you can get education public or private, that depends of you (the topic of what is better is not for this discussion), also, you can visit parks, museums, cinemas, churches,  and there are a lot of stores to buy anything you want, etc. The big problem, in one side is Transantiago, I really think that walking is a good option if the other choice is wait for a bus, because you will wait more time than the time you will spend waling to the place you need (if it is close, of course), and the other thing are the differences between one place or another, for example, Las Condes and Pudahuel, the first one is always clean, with a lot of trees, grass and flowers in the streets, people who lives or works here is very kind and always have a lot of opportunities in topics like culture. In the other side, represented by Pudahuel, is the opposite. I also think that a little bit less of cement and a little bit of extra green areas can make of Santiago a more beautiful city. I think that if the things have a good distribution the city would be better and people also could be happier. 

Anyway it’s a beautiful city and I would tell to a visitor that don’t use Transantiago and walk for Parque Forestal and drink a delicious coffee at Barrio Lastarria and enjoy a peaceful place in this big city. 

I’m sure that there are more things to say about Santiago, but that it’s for another post. Bye bye!

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  1. DOn't use the transantiago. I agree with that :)

  2. i also like santiago cause the stuff that you say, and I post yhe same photograf that you jojojo :)

  3. I love the picture "po oe!". Before I came to Stgo I didn'talk like that :( is your fault

  4. You think that Santiago is big and i think that is small! And i agree, i hate Transantiago

  5. I agree with you, I hate Transantiago!
    See you Mane!C:

  6. Santiago offers many conforts and a lot off stress and polution