lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

correction of maría cristina

Christmas Day from María Cristina

I had a very hard christmas day, so hard in deed. First, I had to work, but only a few hours, so I woke up early and started my activities at morning. At noon, I had lunch with my parents because later, I could not dine with them. We used the lunch to give holiday gifts, it was different and I think it was not a bad experience.
Around quarter past four, my boyfriend called me, and reminded me that we had another commitment, I have to say that I hated him at that time because I was with my parents, you know? I see my parents for only short moments on week and on christmas I can not stay with them a few minutes more? What does this mean? What are you talking about? And when I was about to say something nasty to my boyfriend, my sanity and peace of Buda, Alá, Jesus and Khrisna entered in my body and I remembered the Christmas spirit and all the teachings of my primary school at a Christian school, and I stopped, breathed and said, "ok my love".
Robert (my boyfriend), came to pick me at 5pm, we had to go to the home of his grandparents, because they celebrated there with the whole family, and I promised him that this year I will be with him on Christmas.
Really, It was fun experience. What a great time with them!, they are a great family, very funny and friendly, I hope that in future years our Christmases are just as fun, although it would be more fun if my parents joined us.

Mmmm... so, nothing, nice day!

I think María Cristina had some little details in her post, but very little, and I really like her story about Christmas!

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