jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Vladimir Kush and my favorite paintings

I'm not a big fan of this kind of art, but I remember that when I was in school, I had to make a work about different kinds of paint and I found Vladimir Kush, who is a painter and sculptor from Moscow, Russia. He represents in his art the surrealism. He always tries to give his own expression about situations from present and past, and he uses beautiful colors and exciting combinations. I really admire the way he can relate elements from opposite worlds. One of my favorite paintings from Vladimir Kush is “Departure of Winged Ship”, and I will show you this here:

I like it because I love the way that de painter can replace a totally material thing for something natural, real, and also it’s the reason why that exists, I mean, the sail is made thinking in the way that some animals or insects can fly. In other side, I like the shape of the clouds and how butterflies can be present in a lot of normal situations; it makes you feel so free. Also, the paint shows some people trying to be seen from the ship, with arrows, very happy and excited, so it makes me think that the impact from a mega-structure like a ship whit that size in people who don’t know it, could be less with that kind of sails, like in the conquest of America five hundred years ago.

This painter has a lot of other paints that I like, for example Chess, which shows the vision of Kush about how the powerful people make their decisions, like in a play of chess, the kings (in chess and reality) in one side saying what you have to do, and  their pawns, fighting for them. It’s reality in the board, did you notice that?

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  1. Are interesting paintings I like its!

  2. How beautiful the pictures you uploaded,
    is very interesting!
    I want to know more of this artist.


  3. I don't know this artist, but vere good painting! They look so "freak", but interested too

  4. that's great mane! I like very much the first picture

  5. I like its...interesting painting!!! see you Mane